Tie down your bike Worry Free with Soft Ties by Powertye

A lot of times so we can enjoy our vacation time to the fullest, we trailer our bike to our destination. With that raises the question, “How can I effectively tie down my bike while ensuring it will stay in place and not suffer any scratches or marring?” The answer is Soft Ties. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has transported a lot of bikes a ton of miles over the years and used every conceivable method to tie down the bikes with limited success. It wasn’t until we saw Soft Ties at a Dealer Show in the Midwest, we knew there was a better way.

Having 4 award winn65 pansing 1965 Harley-Daidson FL Pan Heads, we needed a set up that would allow us to have less frequent stops to check the rigging. Powertye was offering a modified ratchet strap system that included a sheep skin covered handlebar wrap with connecting loops built in. It seemed the Trailering Gods had answered our prayers. Wanting to do some real world testing before making them available to you, the general public, we purchased 4 sets for the 4 Pans. After a few trips around the neighborhood and a brief run down the expressway, it was determined nothing had moved and there was no scarring from the confinement. So we finished loading, and off we went to Sturgis for that little rally which was over 2200 miles each way. At every fuel stop, we checked the tie downs and much to our surprise, they hadn’t given even an inch and our babies remained safe and secure. After our time in South Dakota, we packed up, tied down, and were on our way back to the home office in sunny Florida. We became more confident in this amazing product from Powertye, and only peeked in on the bikes every 2 or 3 stops. Again, no movement. We decided to carry them for our trailering customers that want the very best for their bikes too. Listed below are the features of these tie downs showing you just how tough they really are:

* Made from 7,400 pounsheep skin tie downs 04230d test nylon strap that will safely hold 600 pounds each
* Ratchet type tensioning buckles provide ease of use and will not slip like the cam-lock type
* Measure approximately 6 feet from hook to hook
* Tie downs with sheepskin Covered soft-ties add 1 foot of working length
* All hooks are vinyl Covered to help prevent damage to delicate surfaces and will fit over objects up to 1″ O.D.
* Secure hooks feature a spring loaded locking device
* Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty included

So you see, they look as good on paper as they do keeping your bike secured. Contact K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and purchase piece of mind for those times when you need to transport your bike. We don’t always get to ride there, and when we don’t we insist on Soft Ties by Powertye.