Time to check “T”he Clock and get your Bike ready for Spring

   We’ve all heard the term “T-CLOCS ” before and many of us have incorporated it into our pre-ride inspection. Since we have more time to look over our bike in the off season we can perform a more detailed assessment of our bike. Using the handy mnemonic created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, we can make sure the vital components and operating systems are in top shape or need attention. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we want to give you the resources that can make your ride safer and more enjoyable by decreasing the potential for breakdowns. Below you will find the meaning of T-CLOCK and its checklist of items to check for condition or need of replacement. The individual letters stand for the specific areas to check:

  • T — Tires & Wheels
  • C — Controls
  • L — Lights
  • O — Oil
  • C — Chassis
  • S — Sidestand

T — TIR2 tiresES & WHEELS
Tires – Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, imbedded objects.
Air Pressure– Check when cold, adjust to load/speed.
Wheels –  Spokes – Bent, broken, missing, tension, check at top of wheel: “ring” = OK, “thud” = loose spoke.
Cast – Cracks, dents.
Rims – Out of round/true = 5mm. Spin wheel, index against a stationary pointer.
Bearings – Grab top and bottom of tire and flex: No freeplay (click) between hub and axle, no growl when spinning
Seals – Cracked, cut or torn, excessive grease on outside, reddish-brown outside.

C — CONHandlebars-CatTROLS
Levers – Broken, bent, cracked, mounts tight, ball ends on handlebar lever.
Pivots – Lubricated.
Cables – Fraying, kinks, lubrication; ends and length
Routing – No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension; no sharp angles, wire looms in place.
Hoses – Cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, deterioration.
Routing – No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp angles, wire looms in place.
Throttle – Moves freely, snaps closed, no revving.

L — LIGHTSLighting-Cat
Battery – Terminals clean and tight, electrolyte level, held down securely.
Vent Tube – Not kinked, routed properly, not plugged.
Lenses – Cracked, broken, securely mounted, excessive condensation.
Reflectors – Cracked, broken, securely mounted.
Wiring – Fraying, chafing, insulation.
Routing – Pinched, no interference or pulling at steering head or suspension, wire looms and ties in place, connectors tight, clean.
Headlamp – Cracks, reflector, mounting and adjustment system.
Aim – Height and right/left.

O — OILOil-icon

Engine Oil – Check warm on centerstand, dipstick, sightglass.
Hypoid Gear Oil – Transmission, rear drive, shaft.
Hydraulic Fluid – Brakes, clutch, reservior or sight glass.
Coolant – Reservoir and/or coolant recovery tank — cool only.
Fuel – Tank or guage.


Engine Oil – Gaskets, housings, seals.
Hypoid Gear Oil – Gaskets, seals, breathers.
Hydraulic Fluid – Hoses, master cylinders, calipers.
Coolant – Radiator, hoses, tanks, fittings, pipes.

Fuel – Lines, fuel taps, carbs.

C — CHARolling-Chasis-IconSSIS

Frame – Cracks at gussets, accessory mounts, look for paint lifting.
Steering-Head Bearings – No Detent or tight spots through full travel, raise front wheel, check for play by pushing/pulling forks.
Swing Arm Bushings/Bearings –  Raise rear wheel, check for play by pushing/pulling swingarm.
Suspension/Forks – Smooth travel, equal air pressure/damping and anti-dive settings.
Shock(s) – Smooth travel, equal pre-load, air-pressure and damping settings, linkage moves freely and is lubricated.
Chain/Belt Tension – Check at tightest point.
Lubrication – Side plates when hot. Note: do not lubricate belts!
Sprockets – Teeth not hooked, securely mounted.

Threaded – Tight, missing bolts, nuts.
Clips – Broken, missing.
Cotter Pins – Broken, missing.

S — SIkickstand-catDESTAND
Centerstand – Cracks, bent.
Retention Springs – in place, tension to hold position.
Sidestand – Cracks, bent (safety cut-out switch/pad if equipped).
Retention Springs in place, tension to hold position.

   There are so many in depth inspections that we can perform in the off season that will give us a real evaluation of our motorcycles health. T-CLOCS is a great list to follow because it gives us an itemized direction to follow. Don’t forget K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has direct replacement parts for your motorcycle as well as custom and one off pieces available too. Contact us today and get that bike ready for the first day of the new season.