Tires – Have You Looked At Yours?

TiresWhat is one of the most important items to check on a motorcycle that often gets overlooked? Tires. When is the last time you REALLY looked at yours? Are they dry rotted? Are pieces missing? Is the tread below spec? Do they have a lot of miles on them? If you answered yes to any of these questions than why not look at the great selection of tires K and G Cycles ( has to offer. Whether you have a bone stock ride, a radical custom, or something in between we’ve got the tires for you. Many tire manufactures offer tread patterns and compounds to suit your riding style. Looking to add wide whitewalls for the old school look? We’ve got you covered. Black walls more your style? We’ll take care of you. Want to scrape your knee in the curves? We have the tires for you. Upgrading to a tire that meets your needs and your style of riding is important to get the most out of your bike. Let K and G Cycles ( help you experience your bike the way it was meant to be. We offer the top brands at competitive pricing to keep your bike on the road and more cash in your pocket.