Tis the season of Bling! Add some to your Wing.

We all love to add bling to our rides, and today I am going to give you some great ideas that total less than $250.00. Dressing up your ride shouldn’t have you dipping into your savings, and with a little help from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com)you’ll see just how affordable it can be.

1) Cruis Wing ACruis wing trimccent Grilles – These decorative tapered chrome steel accent strips give you the feel of winged flight. Accent grilles can be used as fairing, fender or side cover accents on both touring and cruiser motorcycles, trikes and trailers. They attach easily with the double sided tape provided.  Available in 3 different sizes: The 220 Series (8 3/4″ long), The 400 Series (15 7/8″ long), and The 500 Series (19 3/4″ long). Sold in pairs, with prices starting at $29.95, these trim pieces add the right amount of flair to your bike.

2) Chromechrome-outer-fairing1 Windshield Garnish – Stand out from the crowd while upping the “Bling” scale with this chromed windshield garnish that quickly replaces the stock garnish. Made of tough ABS plastic this garnish will not only stand up to the road and take the abuse, it gives you a custom styled front fairing. Coming in under $120.00($119.95) your 2001-2010 model year and 2012 model year Gold Wing will take center stage wherever you go when you add this chrome windshield garnish.

3) Chrome Radio Panel Accent CoverGW-radio-cover1There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to see the work you have done while riding your bike, so the next piece in this accessory install on a budget is this accent cover for the radio control panel. A dull black dash is no way to enjoy motorcycling on “Your” ride. Slathered in chrome, this accent panel brings some bling to your dash and let’s people know just how you feel about taking your bike to the next level. For a mere $49.95 this hunk of chrome can take up residence on your ride and play a vital role in owning a one of a kind bike.

4) Chrome Ignitionchrome-key1 Cylinder Trim – Keep the subtlety going by adding an ignition trim piece that is sure to set off any dash. Sometimes subscribing to the adage “Less is more”  is  good to follow when adding chrome. By adding a touch of chrome to the dismal black dash, it tells of your quest for individuality. Chrome Key Accents replace OEM accents and feature a rubber scuff pad to resist scratching. Accents easily snap into place with self-locking tabs. A nice little addition for only $19.95.

fuel door trim5) Chrome Fuel Door Accent – Finishing off the “Bargain Bling Out” is this trim piece for the boring old fuel door. Raising the bar on personalization has never been simpler, using double-sided tape to adhere this beautiful accent that has chrome a mile deep. This Fuel door trim will also hide those nicks and dings on the edges we get from many milesin the saddle. Having  completed your installation of custom accessories that have your bike standing tall, you no longer have a boring stock bike. This will only set you back a whole $24.95.

If I did the math correctly, I kept my word and have shown you an affordable way to get Bling on a Budget. All these accessories add up to $244.75, leaving you just over $5 to put in your tank and show off, drive down and get an ice cream cone and bask in the glow of the chrome, or simply put it back in your wallet. Give K and G Cycles(www.kandgcycles.com) a call today and get on the road to ooh and ah, and leave the ugh and eww behind.