Tis the Season of Giving – Art for The Special Olympics

This time of year brings a more charitable side to many of us. Whether we drop some money in the Red Kettles, volunteer at the shelter, the Soup Kitchen, participate in the Toys for Tots Campaign, or do some Spring Cleaning and donate clothing or winter jackets, we like to somehow make a difference. K and G Cycles has an opportunity for you to extend that charity and potentially become the keeper of an amazing work of art.

An Artist fromart-dirt-004 1 Central Illinois (James Dorner aka Dirt of Art By Dirt) has created a sculpture in the likeness of the International Symbol for The Special Olympics. Now you may ask yourself what makes this so special, I will tell you. Dorner has donated this piece to K and G Cycles with the purpose of being raffled off with 100% of the proceeds going to The Special Olympics. A unique feature of this sculpture is the fact that every bit of it is recycled American motorcycle parts. You see, Dorner repurposes leftover, take off, or wrecked parts from American motorcycles. As you look at this sculpture you may recognize Push Rods and tubes, sprockets and drives, as well as roses formed from the bikes tins. All of which are combined to represent the athletes.

We need your help in making the donation possible. With the price of a raffle ticket only $10.30 ( $.30 covers the credit card transaction fee so the actual $10.00 cost of the ticket goes to The Special Olympics) this is but a minute portion of what your charitable donations will be this season. Not only will your donation be helping out so many achieve their personal goal, you could end up with an amazing piece of art and an equally amazing story of how you acquired such a piece.

Contact us today to purchase your chance to own a masterpiece from Art By Dirt and help out a great organization and a great cause.  There is a limited number of tickets so don’t delay. To purchase via the web Click Here.

To purchase from a K and G Team Member call  1-888-505-2634 and we will be happy to assist you.