Too many Close Calls? Upgrade to L.E.D. Lights

After a season full of too many near misses and close calls it might just be time to consider a lighting upgrade. There comes a time in our two-wheeled travels that we realize a larger visual footprint is a good thing. Adding more lighting is a great way to do that, but why not up the ante’ and choose L.E.D. lights instead. I’m not talking about the new L.E.D. Headlights or Passing Lamps, I am talking about the Fender Tip lights. K and G Cycles ( has L.E.D. Fender tip lights for Touring Class motorcycles with either Red or Smoked Lenses.

Adding any Lred led 50-1170.E.D.s  to your motorcycle is a visual improvement over the stock incandescent bulbs. They are much brighter, faster reacting and add a certain high tech look to your ride. Available in Amber, Red, or Smoked lens versions with clear L.E.D. bulbs, you can choose which color best compliments your motorcycle. One distinct advantage of swapping out the bulbs is an L.E.D. light is able to handle the vibrations associated with motorcycling. This fact coupled with the fact L.E.D. lights last so much longer than their counterparts means you should have trouble and worry free use for years to come. L.E.D. lights also consume less energy, thus reducing the load placed on your charging system. This can be extremely important if you are wanting to upgrade to L.E.D lighting or add L.E.D. accent lighting. Here are a few facts about LEDs and the benefits of using them on your motorcycle:

smoke led 50-1177

  • LED lights illuminate 30% faster than incandescent bulbs
  • LED lights last up to 100,000 hours – that’s 11-1/2 years of continuous “on-time” life (sort of offsets their higher price tag)
  • LED lights are considerably brighter than stock bulbs making you more visible not only at night, but also in full sunlight
  • LED lights have no filament that can brake or burn out making them virtually indestructible and vibration-proof – giving you peace of mind that your lights are always on
  • L.E.D.s have a low power consumption – using LED turn signals and an LED brake light will make your electrical system run more efficiently allowing you to add other accessories such as a motorcycle sound system

L.E.D.s Ambr led 50-1167are worth their weight in Gold because of all the benefits they offer. The comparison would be like asking someone if they wanted a more fuel efficient vehicle at a time when gas prices are at an all time high. Who wouldn’t want to add cleaner, brighter, longer lasting, faster acting lights that give your ride a custom look. To see more about the benefits of L.E.D. lighting read my other Blog entries regarding :

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