Tool Box I.D. for Dummies – Z Calz

How often have you been in the middle of working on your car, truck mower, or bike, gone to the tool box only to find your next tool missing? Now you must go through every drawer to find where it went. Worse yet, you can’t even find it in the tool box at all. Now what do you do? Head hung low, you walk over to the neighbors house and ashamedly ask to borrow that tool. All this could have been avoided had you picked up a set of Z-Calz from K and G Cycles (
  z-calz big kitYou ask what are Z-Calz? They are tool box drawer markers that tell you what tools are in what drawer at a glance. No longer will you have to spend countless hours digging through every corner of every drawer just to find that 1/2″ wrench. Best of all, our friends at Z-Calz took into consideration those of us that don’t have the gagillion dollar tool boxes and tool sets, but instead have the smaller, “works for me” tool boxes that are plastic and not only offer magnetic I.D. tags, but also offer decals too.
 Check out K and G Cycles ( to see the latest selections available. Z-Calz kits are offered with a red or blue pinstripe to compliment most tool boxes, and in kits to cover a basic home garage tool box to the seasoned pros tool box. These different kits allow you to label everything from SAE and Metric sockets and wrenches, Phillips and Standard screwdrivers, pliers, special tools, and everything in between. You will be happy and surprised at the amount of time you can save with the installation of these kits, and if you have a helper, it will help them learn faster. Most of these kits even give you a “No Lending” tag so you can alert your buddy or pesky neighbor to the rules. Z-Calz available at K and G Cycles ( .