Top 5 Non-Engine Upgrades That Can Increase Your Motorcycles Value

Your motorcycle can only withstand so much natural wear and tear. Whether it’s a broken grip, chipped paint job or balding tire, chances are your bike is showing signs of age. The engine may be the most important part of a motorcycle, but the exterior promotes pride for your ride and keeps the bike at top resale value. We’ve all seen funny pics on sites like Craigslist of people showcasing their beat-up, old motorcycles. If you don’t want to sell your bike, and you’re not a mechanic, know you don’t have to be one to spruce up your bike. Here at K and G Cycles ( we feel these simple upgrades will not only keep you safe and stylish, but enhance your bike’s value dramatically. When you decide to get your custom bike appraised, you’ll quickly realize the financial worth of your efforts.

Tires motorcycle tiresTires affect the control and responsiveness of any vehicle, but motorcycles have a special reliance on these pieces of rubber. With only two points of contact, riders put their lives on the lines every time they press the breaks. The rule on motorcycle tire maintenance is simple: Replace them at first doubt. If it appears your tires are balding or if they feel less stable, it’s time to outfit your bike with some new boots. You don’t want second thoughts when the rubber hits the road. This simple precaution could save your life.

Paintvivid black paint When you see a motorcycle fresh off the lot, it’s not the engine, the tires, or the handlebars you notice. It is the paint job! The paint job is the most conspicuous of any cosmetic customization. A fresh coat of paint makes a motorcycle look new, no matter how many miles it has traveled. After years on the road, some bikers start to take their rides for granted.A new coat of  paint will remind you just why you fell in love with your bike in the first place. No matter if  you touch up small chips or re-paint the entire bike, you’ll be proud to hop on your shiny ride. and have fun showing it off to others, just like you did when it was new.

Seats-Icon-01Seat – Motorcyclists surrender many of the luxuries of a common car—the surround-sound system, air conditioning and leather interior, among others. Why not hold on to what luxuries we do have? A seat is one of the few comfort variables on a motorcycle. While a seat feels good once its broken in, at some point, the wear becomes detrimental. A simple seat swap can change your entire riding experience. K and G Cycles offers aftermarket and universal motorcycle seats for the top leading brands. Additional motorcycle parts such as seat foam and seat covers are also available for further customization.

ISO Grips TR-497167Grips – Like tires, grips are imperative elements of a motorcycle. Tires may grip the bike to the ride, but grips connect the rider to the bike. If either one goes wrong, you are in trouble. Again, you don’t want to take any chances here. The ideal grip is one that is durable, provides comfortable, and is consistent. With fresh grips, you can ride with confidence, and have renewed looks for your motorcycle.

Headlight-IconLighting – Motorcycles are precarious enough to drive during the day, but under the cover of night, it’s especially imperative to be clearly seen. Some riders have taken to tinkering with the motorcycle’s taillight to increase visibility on dark roads. If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of electricity, you can install radiant LED brake lights in lieu of your incandescent lights. Furthermore, it’s possible to program your new lights to rapidly flash during brake application. Installing new lights also has aesthetic appeal. Riders can customize their motorcycle’s appearance with colored LED strips and under-glow lighting to make a luminous splash on low-lit highways.

K and G Cycles ( would love to think everyone has this mind set, but we all know there are those out there that just don’t. When we decide to perform a repair or upgrade for safety’s sake, we all benefit. When we decide to keep our belongings in good shape, we all benefit. Motorcycle, Car, Home, or even ourselves, lets do our best to maintain them so we get the most out of it.