Touring Done The Right Way

As we get ready to enter another touring season, there are 3 items, you will want to add, update, or replace on your Touring Class Motorcycle. All 3 of these items center around storage and cargo capacity. K and G Cycles has just what you need to increase your cargo capacity and the usability of the space. Sit back and take a look at the 3 products you will want to make Touring simpler.

   To begin with,luggage-liners-BBP-SPLHDTL I want to show you a great way to keep your saddlebags and tour pak organized. This 3 piece liner set will allow you to strategically store items in the handy removable bags, or pack for that upcoming trip. Rather than cramming all you can in the saddlebags and having to dig through it all to find something, or have an item get beat up from being tossed around in the there, you can now keep it safe and secure. ( I learned the hard way with 3 half gallons of cider) Built to last, the liners are designed to make loading and unloading a breeze and are made of sturdy urethane coated weather resistant polyester. The convenient carrying handles make the liners versatile and user friendly.

   Next I will show you a way tolid organizer TR-419303 gain additional storage in your tour pak. The Tour Pak Lid Organizer is a great way to add simple storage to an otherwise unused space. There is no better way to keep important or fragile items at your finger tips. Housing a range of padded and mesh compartments that deliver protection and easy accessibility for those frequently used items. This organizer has been engineered for portability with its hook and loop fasteners as well as its integrated carry handle. To make sure you can still maintain an acceptable level of vanity, there is even a 5″x7″ built in mirror so you can primp and preen when you reach your destination.

Tour Rack bag BBP-4-603  Lastly, you can increase your storage capability with this Touring Rack Bag from Ultragard. For additional room that is quickly installed or removed, a Tour Rack Bag is a great idea. These bags can be used as luggage and feature a comfortable shoulder strap to make toting them around much easier. They also come with a rain cover when Mother Nature decides to give us a bath so the contents stay nice and dry. This bag is made of high quality weather resistant materials, features durable construction and has a sturdy mounting system. The large main compartment allows maximum storage, while four additional, easy access zippered compartments with two expandable side pockets add up and total a whopping 3,320 cubic inches of storage space.

  So you see, adding usable storage that keeps you organized is easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out K and G Cycles to see these and other great options available. It is amazing just how much you can fit in the same foot print when things become organized and you use dead space.