Touring with a trailer on your Wing

You’ve dedicated this season to Touring this great land of atop your Gold Wing, and know that will include a trailer.  So you already bought the trailer, but now you need to properly hook it up to the bike. That is where K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles) comes into play, we have hitches and wiring harness’s to get the job done correctly and with ease.

Vertical GL hitch BBP-52-825-01 To begin, you will need to purchase a hitch so you can attach the trailer to your Gold Wing. My personal favorite for Gold Wings is the Vertical Receiver Hitch ( Part # BBP-52-825 ), this new design hitch assembly incorporates a vertical receiver and mounts to the frame, making it essentially invisible when the receiver mount is removed. It includes the same features all the big name hitches are known for except the price. Some notable features are: strong cross tie to the saddlebag sub structure, large chain loops on the receiver, chrome 1-7/8″ ball and anti-chatter bolt to minimize trailer sway. So you won’t need to make numerous trips to the hardware store, this kit comes with all the necessary hardware and thorough instructions, resulting in trouble free installation. Designed to fit 2001-2012 model year Honda Gold Wing Motorcycles.

Gold Wing trailer harness BBP-52-694 Now that you have the hitch installed, you are going to need to install the correct wiring harness that will give your trailer running lights, brake lights, and license plate lights. So many manufacturers know that there are a ton of us riders that do our own accessory installs and that is exactly the case with this harness. Simplified installation is what you get with Part # BBP-52-694. This trailer wire harness isolates the load between the motorcycle and trailer through four 10 amp relays to prevent electrical feedback. The heavy duty circuit board can handle a continuous 16 amp load and further isolation is provided with a separate 15 amp inline fuse for additional protection. This harness plugs into the existing wire harness, and requires no splicing, and is designed to work with a 5 pin trailer connector (not included).

Now that you have installed the wiring harness, it is time to hook up the trailer and test the lights before you hit the road. Once you have tested the set up in the garage, take it out for a shake down run, and get a feel for your new rig before you head out to the highway. Once you have gotten used to the new set up, and are out enjoying the the back roads, don’t forget to send K and G Cycles ( a postcard or 2 and say “Hey”.