Triumph owners have something to Sound Off About

It seems all to often the smaller segment of a group gets the short end of the stick and almost seems ignored, i.e Triumph Motorcycle Owners. It seems the motorcycle accessory world has left them behind. We here at K and G Cycles ( feel a little differently. Now there is not a whole lot to choose from in the aftermarket world, but we offer just about as much as we have access to for the Triumph line up. One particular area of focus is the exhaust, performance exhaust upgrades to be specific.

yosh triumphWe all know selecting exhaust involves hours of research, finding a bike with that particular set up already on it so we can get a good idea what it will sound like. Don’t get me wrong, all you manufacturers that have added sound bites to your web page, that is great, however nothing will replace being right next to the bike. Now one of the biggest names in aftermarket exhaust is Yoshimura, and they have developed the RS-5 exhaust for Triumph Daytona 675’s. The RS-5 Slip-On is one of our most popular exhausts featuring it’s unique cone-shaped end cap, stainless steel tail-pipe, and carbon fiber sleeve. It’s bold styling compliments the aggressive lines of the Daytona beautifully. If you want quality and performance at a great price, this is the system for you! Some of the key features are:

* Trapezoidal shape – easily recognized
* Cone end cap – gives the muffler a finished look
* 3 Muffler options: stainless, titanium, carbon fiber – lets you achieve the look you want
* Low-volume insert capable – for those times when you must comply
* Complete style with 20-gauge 304L polished stainless steel tapered mid-pipe and header, and spring mounted spigot and flanges (most models) – that’s what I’m talking about!
* Slip-On style with 20-gauge 304L polished stainless steel tapered mid-pipe easily attaches to the O.E.M. header pipe – makes installation straight forward and easy

triumph street tripleTwo Brothers is a name very well known among the Street Bike Circles, and they too have joined the short list of manufacturers churning out goodies for The Big “T”, Among the offerings is the The V.A.L.E. Slip-On, built in the finest British racing tradition, and allowing the Muffler assembly – Exhaust tube and canister – to be positioned perfectly on the bike before all the mounting hardware is fully tightened. Once the canister and Exhaust tubes are properly aligned, the V.A.L.E. assembly locks the Muffler canister to the Exhaust tube assuring a perfect,leak-free fit. This system is simple and easy to install, requiring nothing more than a 5mm hex wrench, which is included with every one of the Exhaust systems.The X-Lite ring is the next step in the evolution of V.A.L.E. technology. It is CNC milled from 6061-T aluminum, the design of our X-Lite ring efficiently and elegantly removes all unnecessary material from the coupling. Reducing weight, while still maintaining its structural integrity. The Triumph Street Triple sportbike is an absolute monster on the pavement, but if you want to really unleash all the power of your Street Triple, you’ll need a Two Brothers Racing performance exhaust system. Simply unbolt your existing exhaust muffler and bolt on a Two Brothers Racing exhaust canister for tons more power. With the Two Brothers race system you’ll see significant gains in both horsepower and torque. With its light weight premium construction, you’ll drop weight off of your bike by removing the heavy OEM exhaust.

 So you see, K and G Cycles ( wants to make sure no motorcycle owner (Triumph, Ducati, BMW, and Aprillia)  ever feels they have been forgotten. Though we are limited by what IS made, we try to have something for everyone. Check us out, and if you don’t see it just ask. If it’s out there, K and G Cycles is your source.