Turn On The Night – Light up your Wing!

We’ve all seen them riding through the night, a Gold Wing that will light the way. It seems Gold Wing owners have as much passion for light as Harley owners do for Chrome. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) understands a motorcycle is a vehicle of personal expression and regardless of Brand or Model preference, we all add accessories at one level or another. Lighting tends to be the choice for many Wingers.

Gold Wing Rotor CoversHaving done a tour of duty at my local H-D shop, it was interesting to see how different the V-Twin world was from the Metric world, but yet, how much they were the same. Harley riders tend to strip down lighting, wanting little to interfere with the gloss, chrome, and lines of their ride. Gold Wing owners have a tendency to light ’em up. Now I am not saying Harley riders don’t care about safety, so before anyone starts the which hunt… I am merely taking notice Gold Wing owners prefer to light up the bike as opposed to strip it down. As you all know, we sell parts aimed to both Metric and V-Twin markets and since this is the Metric Blog, my focus today will be on the Metric side.

BBP-2-452T rotor light accents If I want to add safety to to my bike, what would be one of the first things to consider? Add additional lighting. In theory, additional lighting makes me more visible, therefore increasing my level of safety. One of the easiest and most recognizable additions is the Caliper Cover (Part # BBP-2-497) and L.E.D. Rotor Light Ring (Part # BBP-2-452T), designed to update the look of your classic Wing, your bike will stand tall.

Just because the GL1500 is celebrating its 25th anniversary doesn’t mean it can’t look as good as new. Rejuvenate your classic GL1500 by adding the latest highlights from Show Chrome Accessories, like the Tour Rotor Disc covers and the Chromed ABS LED Rotor Accents. The Rotor Accents fit over the rotor covers, and feature cut outs allowing the LED’s to glow from behind for a stunning effect. The set comes complete with updated LED rotor lights in amber or tri-colored amber, red and blue. Installation is simple and all hardware is supplied.

Personalization of your motorcycle is something we are all serious about. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) completely understands this and wants to help you begin the transformation of your bike, whether its chrome, a new light feature, or any other accessory you want to add to your bike. You paid for it, why not make it yours!