Updated, Custom looks for your Ole’ Dog via a new Dash

   Without a doubt, our motorcycles age over time and that goes for the chrome too. One particular piece that endures twice the punishment is the dash panel. Not only does it take a direct beating from the sun and rain, it also gets punished by us. We don’t do it on purpose, but our pants, chaps, belts, jackets, and other attire that rubs and scrapes the dash takes its toll on the finish. You ask, “What can I do?”, K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has a couple of solutions for you – an OEM design replacement or custom choices.

FX long chrome dash 39-0569     For those of you not wanting to stray too far from the path, we offer a large selection factory looking Dash Panels to replace that worn out one. Let’s face it, The Motor Company doesn’t churn out too many “bad” looking pieces. Sadly however, they can end up looking less then stellar over time. Whether you have a high mileage ride from many moons ago, a current one that hasn’t always been given the proper love, and anything in between, we have a replacement dash for you. For the most part, replacement of a dash is relatively simple. A few screws, a couple of new gaskets, and that’s about it. You have now upgraded the look of your bike.

    Also available for tyaffe-long-tank-panelhose wanting to take their bike to the next level, are custom Dash Panels. If you have an accessory theme running through your bike, there may be a Dash Panel that corresponds. If you want to add a deep rich chrome panel to your bike, you came to the right place. Looking to black out your ride, take it to the next step and install a black Dash Panel(2003-2007 or 2008 and later). Offerings from the big guys like Ness, Yaffe, and more will have you on the way to complete customization that starts with a Dash Panel. Since personalization means almost the same as customization when it comes to motorcycles, why not start with the worn, weathered, beat up pieces, so you can validate the upgrade.

CC-610360 stash dash    A really slick replacement Dash Panel is The Stash Dash. No longer will you have to figure out where to leave smaller valuables. The Stash Dash is just that, a dash panel that has secure storage in the tunnel pocket. The Stash Dash for Touring models cleans up the console area of your Bagger while providing you with extra storage space. It is a direct replacement for stock consoles on your Touring Class bikes. This dash incorporates both the fill cap and the storage box under a smooth hinged lid. With applications from 1997-2007 FLHT, FLHTC, FLHS, and FLTR models. (Installation requires use of a 1997 and later Road King/Street Glide seat)

    When it comes to Motorcycle Customization, K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has what you need to make the transformation complete. From mild to wild and everything in between, your “new” bike begins with your new Dash Panel.