Upgrading the Throne on your Metric Pony to a Mustang

   A long time ago (1980), The Mustang Seat Company began producing some of the best, most comfortable seats in the industry. Originally intended to satisfy the V-Twin arena, they quickly learned they were missing out on a market that needed high quality replacement seats too – The Metric World. The Metric segment has grown considerably over the years, and many of the riders were seeking a seat they could rack up the miles on and be as comfortable the last mile as they were the first. Mustang heard that call and thus began producing the Metric Seat line from Mustang. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is proud to be your online source for Premium Mustang Motorcycle Seats.

   The type of seat you purchase usually depends on the type of riding you do or a certain look you are trying to achieve. Before you purchase a seat, you will want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does most of your riding consist of around town miles or do you take long trips?
  • Does your current seat let you firmly place your feet on the ground?
  • How often do you carry a passenger?
  • Will your bike be stored outside during the riding season or is it under cover?
  • Do you want a comfortable, touring seat or a one-of-a-kind custom seat for your show bike?

Mustang seat TR-489357    Despite having many different models of seats built for many different motorcycle models, our focus today is going to be theWide Vintage 2-Piece design from Mustang that includes the Driver Backrest for the Yamaha V-Star 950 (2009-2013) (Part # TR-489357). Sold as a complete three-piece set including solo, removable driver backrest, and matching passenger seat. The 16” wide driver bucket sits you at the ideal cruising angle and is one of several design improvements over the stock seat. The entire 12” width of the comfortable passenger seat is fully supported by Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings–no sagging on the edges, no more passenger complaints.

  • Each seat is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM seat
  • Each Base Plate is constructed of either marine-grade fiberglass and finished with a high-gloss gel-coat, or black, epoxy powder-coated 16-gauge steel. Not plastic like many factory seats
  • The foam compound (a formula of controlled-density polyurethane foam) is carefully formulated to be soft enough for comfort but resilient enough to stand up to those “thousand-mile” days.
  • Seat covers are individually pieced together and hand-sewn to fit tight contours for a true custom-looking seat The more you ride, the more you realize that the most comfortable seat possible means comfort for your back as well as your backside.

   Nothing takes mustand backrestthe fatigue out of riding more than having full back support and the ability to adjust your lumbar support often and easily. Mustangs rider backrests are designed and manufactured to exacting standards that set the bar for the most comfortable backrest available.The built-in driver backrest offers more features than any other backrest on the market. Take a look for yourself:

  • The contoured pad measures approximately 7″ h x 12″ w and folds completely flat for ease of getting on your bike.
  • Completely adjustable: up/down, back/forward and pivots:
    The backrest post is notched allowing four easy “snap-in-place” height adjustment positions.
  • The chromed, knurled thumb screw easily adjusts the tilt angle of the backrest forward or back up to 2″ while you are seated.
  • Thumb screw is notched and will not fall out.
  • Backrest pivots to match your back angle.
  • All exposed hardware is chrome-plated for a custom look.
  • Studded styles feature chrome studs on the back, not on the top where you might catch them with your boot.
  • Chrome steel backrest post slides in and out of receptacle that is reinforced and riveted directly into the base plate for strength.
  • Ball-end, spring loaded detent screw is set at the factory to ensure positive height adjustment stops.
  • Foam surrounds the hardware to provide maximum comfort.
  • Nylon friction washers and stop nuts keep the mechanism tight with smooth operation.
  • Backrest is easily removed without any tools or the need to remove the seat.
  • When backrest is not in use, the receptacle’s slot is covered by a leather flap held tightly with a hook-and-loop closure for a smooth, clean appearance.

   With your stock seat having seem better days, and you realizing you can be comfortable from start to finish, it is time you looked at a Mustang Seat from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com). Made with the rider in mind, you will not find a better seat. The first ride should be as comfortable as the 100th. If you don’t see your motorcycle listed, contact us, Mustang makes seats for so many makes and models we may have missed it, so just ask us.