Upgrading your Windshield can improve Personal Protection

   As you can imagine, we see hundreds of new products every year. Among them are “The New, indestructible, perfect flow Windshield” from a ton of manufacturers that claim Gold but deliver dust. In our search to bring you the best products available, we have come across a Windshield Company that delivers the goods – F4 Customs. These amazing direct replacements are now available through K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com).

F4 Goldwing windshield    Sure I could sing the praises all day long, but unless the product can stand up to its claims what good is it. For starters F4 uses Polycarbonate in the constructions of its windshields. While many competitors are using Acrylic (which is 17 times more impact resistance than glass) F4 uses Polycarbonate (delivers 30 times higher impact resistance than acrylic) a much better material to be used in a motorcycle windshield application. Another bonus of utilizing the highest optical grade polycarbonate available is in the patented proprietary process and coatings. This is what gives the F4 windshields the best rain shedding ability on the market without the use of special waxes, polish, etc. Just clean it and ride.

   Another strong selling point of the F4 product line is their windshields have the highest combination of abrasion resistance and optical clarity on the market. Though they are not advertise as scratch proof they are highly scratch resistant even when rubbed with 0000 steel wool. The difference is that the F4 Customs windshield far exceeds the FMR material and is far superior to the acrylic replacements that are on the market today. F4 Customs is the right choice when the best quality, safety, and performance are required.

F6B_tint_Sport_2_web    Many people are concerned about the amount of visual distortion found on many other windshields, and F4 has addressed this. Because of their patented manufacturing process F4 is able to form the windshield without any distortion and ultimately offer the clearest shield on the market today. Some windshield manufacturers state the shield’s distortion does not affect the quality of the ride, however when riding late at night, into the sun, in parking lots or on unfamiliar roads – seeing clearly is riding safely.

   Due to their ballistic like nature, it is often asked are their any special requirements when cleaning an F4 windshield. Surprisingly there are fewer restrictions then those found on inferior models produced by others. F4 Customs’ windshields can be cleaned using paper towels and standard glass cleaner without fear of scratching or damaging it. No longer do you have to live in fear of using the wrong rags and chemicals. That’s right, the infamous X’s (Windex® and Rain-X®), are no longer off limits!

   “OK, if this windshield is so good what kind of warranty does it come with?” you ask? F4 Customs offers a 4 year limited warranty on their windshields against breakage, hazing, discoloration or delamination. All of F4′s shields are warranted in full for a period of 2 years from the purchase date, and prorated for the following 2 years. F4 Customs does not warrant the windshield against scratches as they cannot control the care of the windshield. For peace of mind, all F4 Customs windshields are shipped with a protective layer on each side of the windshield and care is taken to minimize any shipping damage.

   When you purchase an F4 custom windshield from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) you are getting a windshield made to handle almost everything the road throws at you. Don’t forget you also get an industry best 2 year warranty. Contact us today to see what your options.