USB Charging now available on your Motorcycle

    As technology advances, so should the capabilities of our motorcycles. With most of our electronics having a supplied USB power cord, we need to adapt our bikes to accept this new type of plug. Depending on the model of bike you have, this can be accomplished a couple of different ways. Sit back and let K and G Cycles ( show you what your options are.

2x USB port BBP-13-309    If you have an existing Power  Port, there are a number of inserts you can employ that transform a regular 12V Cigar/Cigarette Lighter port into a dual point USB charging dock. Part # BBP-13-309 is a sleek dual point charging insert that when installed is almost flush with most dash or fairing panels. This charger provides (2) 2.1 Amp power supply’s with an LED indicator that turns green when properly connected. This charger is compatible with iPads, iPhones, GPS devices and other electronics that can be charged or powered by a USB set up.

Dual stacked USB charger from Battery Tender   Another choice you have if you already have a receptacle in place is Part # 10531 the Battery Tender Dual Port USB Charger. Very similar to other inserts except the body of this charger is bigger in the regard it sticks out from the socket. It is still capable of charging 2 Electronics devices at one time with its stacked USB ports. This  keeps everything within arms reach and in sight. Since most of the electronics produced today offer USB charging cables, you can now power the GPS along with your i whatever, and still maintain a small footprint. Until now we were forced to charge one device, then switch and revive the other, or we could have a secondary charge point leaving cords running everywhere. Those days are gone, and with such great features packaged at such an incredible price you can’t go wrong.

   Now we need to examine the installation of an auxiliary port for those that don’t have one from the factory. First you must decide if this power port is going to be strictly USB accessible or if you would like to have it function as a 12V outlet to potentially power more than USB connections.

Kuryakyn chrome port  1423   For those seeking a more versatile outlet, there are many power ports to choose from. This great example from Kuryakyn is Part # TR-495583  and is perfect for plugging in your cell phone, iPod, GPS ,air pump, or any other electronic device you decide to take on the road. This power point/cigarette lighter will keep all your items charged. Built into the Silver Bullet light housing, & comes with everything you need to connect directly to your battery with a quick disconnect. Mounts above your handlebars or below after you’ve checked for adequate tank clearance. You never have to be without an additional 12V power source again.

 USB bar mount port BBP-13-208    For those riders that feel all they need is a couple of USB ports, this next item, Part #BBP-13-208  is a hard wire USB Power Supply. Designed for the long haul, this power point comes with 40″ of wire allowing you versatility of installation. Though most will install this unit on the handlebars, is can also be installed on rear engine guards (installs on 1″ and 7/8″ bars) , or even in flat panels on your ride. This particular power port has (1) 2.1 amp and (1) 1.0 amp ports allowing charge flexibility to your system for your sensitive items. To handle adverse weather conditions, there is a water tight cover too.

   When it comes to keeping your electronics charged while you ride, you have quite a few options today. You can choose between USB specific power ports or a 12V port and use one of the available inserts. All you have to do is determine your needs, then contact K and G Cycles ( and order the appropriate set up. You will wonder why it took this long to bring this convenience to your life.