Using a Soft Touch When Trailering Your Bike

   Have you ever needed to trailer your bike somewhere and decided fishing a hook at the end of the ratchet strap through the handle bars and wiring was not the right thing to do? K and G Cycles ( has a great solution for you with Soft-Ties by Powertye. These tough straps are capable of holding 600lbs. each, are 1 ½” wide by 18” long, and are double stitched at the lap joint for added strength. These soft-tie straps allow easy access tie down points while providing protecting the bars and wiring. In addition these soft-ties keep the hooks away from your paint and chrome protecting the bikes finish. If you are looking for even more protection, Powertye offers Soft-Ties with a 9” sheepskin cover. Best of all, every set of Soft-Ties come with their own storage bag, AND a lifetime warranty.

   Having worked in a motorcycle dealership for a few years I noticed another use for Soft-ties. Many of the technicians would put them on the motorcycles prior to the bike going on the lift which made it much easier to anchor the bike to the lift. Not only did this ensure a the bike was going nowhere while on the lift, is also guaranteed the customer would not have to worry about any damage to their investment. Even if you have a lift at home to clean your bike or if you perform your own maintenance having a little extra security is never a bad thing.

Whether you need an easier, more secure way to trailer your bike, or if you are looking for a better way to anchor it to a lift  pick up some Soft-Ties by Powertye. Available at K and G Cycles(, your online source for your motorcycle trailering needs.