V-Rod Owners Delight – Custom Parts for your Ride

As many of you know, The V-Rod is in fact a Harley-Davidson. Matter-of-factly, it was one of Willie G’s pet projects. The truth is, it is one of the least received H-D’s ever built, and depending on who you talk to you will get a number of reasons why. i.e… “It doesn’t sound like a Harley”, “It is liquid cooled”, “It doesn’t look like a Harley”. Because of that reasoning it seems the Aftermarket World hasn’t been too quick to offer much in the way of accessories. Well being motorcycle enthusiasts here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we appreciate all aspects of motorcycling and the offerings by all the manufacturers. With that being said, K and G Cycles has gathered some of the top V-Rod accessories available to date.

Are you looking to wV-Rod slip ons SAM-VR-701 ake up that exhaust note a little but don’t want to get into all the tuning and end up with something so obnoxious you end up hating your bike? You should consider Caliber High Performance Exhaust. Introducing the all new top of the line Caliber Slip-on Mufflers. These amazing Mufflers were designed to fit all V-Rods and Street Rod. Every Caliber Exhaust has extra emphasis on performance, quality and style. The Slip-0n Mufflers come complete with a one piece heat shield that looks better and provides superior protection. This particular heat shield was specifically designed to give the Muffler a distinctive and classy look. Also included is a patented Veritech Baffle that constantly scavenges away spent fuel away from the engine while at the same time it increases Exhaust gas velocity which greatly enhances low and mid-range torque. Chromed billet end caps, which are engraved “Caliber” on the end gives a quality finished look and lets everyone know that you have the highest quality motorcycle Exhaust available. Check out these great Features and Benefits:

* Improves fuel mileage
* Installer Friendly
* Awesome Deep Tone
* Exclusive Show Quality Quad Chrome Finish
* Limited 2 year warranty
* Ready to Install Right Out of the Box
* Improvements in Horse Power and Torque

  Why not ma49mm vrod forks 24-1198ke that bike look as good as it sounds by installing these beautiful Chrome Lower Legs on your V-Rod. The chrome is so deep it is sure to brighten any ones day. These Beefy 49mm front fork legs dressed in chrome make a great first impression and will often highlight any other chrome mods you have performed. Stand apart from the rest of crowd and give your ride a custom look. I will have to caution you, these lowers do not come with reflectors, so to keep it on the up and up, you will have to purchase the reflectors separately.

Since you’ve mBadlands RBT module CC-631761  ade that V-Rod look and sound more to your liking, you need to make sure those behind you notice not only your bike, but that you are coming to a stop and they don’t try to catch a ride with you. Badlands has come up with a module that triples your visibility in the rear. Install a pair of red lenses, or custom turn signals with red lenses, and now your bike has three running lights. Hit your brake and you have three brake lights. Touch your turn signal button, and you maintain your turn signal function while the other side remains a running light, or if your brake it will remain a brake light.  Buy with confidence as each kit includes the following features: Built-in load equalizer that runs your stock OEM turn signals as well as custom incandescent small turn signals. Works with halogen and LED’s too. For your piece of mind and pride, these modules are Made in the USA. Also for your convenience, easy-to-follow installation instructions are also included.

 So you see, we haven’t abandon you, the V-Rod owner, we have actually attempted to give you a source for customizing your ride. Here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) it is our mission to provide the best accessories at an affordable price for the motorcycle enthusiast. Regardless of what you ride.