Vintage Looks on Your Modern Bike

How many times have you looked at your bike and wished it had a more unique look? Let’s face it, the Twin Cam motor is no work of art. It used to be when we stared at a bike we read the lines and became fixated on the motor. We saw the masterpiece in front of us and knew it was more than just an engine. K and G Cycles ( has discovered a way to transform your TC, EVO, or even XL motor into a vintage style power plant.

So you just finished a nostalgic txzotic_knuckle_on_headransformation to your bike complete with wide whitewalls, a flat denim paint job, some killer pin striping, even flex pipe exhaust. It still needs something. Have you ever thought about replacing your rocker boxes? What if I told you there was a Twin Cam and Evo option that could make your motor look as though it was a Knucklehead, yet maintain modern reliability? Our friends over at Vulcan Engineering have made it possible to install Knucklehead style rocker boxes on your modern engine. Vulcan knows how important it is to offer a complete kit and that is what they do. Every kit includes front and rear rocker box assemblies, new billet rocker arm support, gaskets, and all necessary hardware. Imagine the confused look of admiration on everyone as they see your bike for the first time this year. I think it will sound lie, “What the, How’d you, what is up with this?”

We all know there is only so much we can do when it comes to customizing our bike to make it unique. Sometimes those opportunities come in different shapes and sizes than we are used to. Replacing the old rocker boxes with new retro style designs can drastically improve the look of your bike. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and order up a set for yourself to top off that time spent customizing your ride.