VMAX HYPER-modified by Roland Sands – update

Last week, we showed you a clip of the upcoming VMAX Hypermodified event that will showcase the talents of 3 world-class custom builders from around globe as they work on the horse-power-packed Yamaha VMAX! This week one of those designers, Roland Sands, has published a digital rendition of his ideas for transforming this already wicked machine. We’ll stay tuned to see what the two other custom V-Max’s look like, from Marcus Walz and Ludovic Lazareth at the EICMA show.

From his website, Roland says, “Just like every other build we stripped it down to the bare bones to see what we have to work with. We quickly found that the engine, frame and swing arm offer a great starting point for a custom build.”

Roland has continued to express some of his signature features with this concept. The low clip-on bars along with the tucked and tight powerplant package keep the athletic stance strong. The high tail section and racer graphics keep the track inspired theme that emphasizes the speeds capable with this machine.

With this long wheelbase, the design leans toward making drag-strip or rambunctious stop-light starts less wheelie-happy with all those ponies on-tap. As with all the bikes from Roland’s shop, this one will be ridden hard, and built for action. I would love to see the VMAX unleashed with Roland behind the bars.

Roland has said on his website that “It will be more then paint, we promise.” about this bike build.

Stay tuned, there are more details to come as this story unfolds. Remember, there are two other great bike designers working on the VMAX as well. All 3 bikes are to be unveiled at the EICMA Show that runs Nov 10-13.