Watercolors by Willie G.

Hey Gang! The Harley-Davidson Museum is always serving up interesting and insightful exhibits that bring a fuller understanding of the motorcycling world to all; riders and non-riders alike. Checking out this latest installment will surely give a greater insight into the mind of one of the greatest figures at the Motor Company, Willie G.

Harley-Davidson’s Chief Styling Officer and grandson of one of the original founders, gives the public a look into the more private side of his artistic endeavors. Willie G. Davidson exhibits idyllic rural scapes and still life watercolor paintings with strong luminosity and form that hint at time spent in the countryside during 48 years as the pacesetter in motorcycle design.

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee is hosting an art exhibit, featuring works by the man who leads the motorcycle design.

The pieces are Willie G. Davidson’s lesser-known works: his watercolor paintings.

The exhibit is called “Watercolors by Willie G.” and it will feature about 40 paintings from his collection, as well as sketches and snapshots. The paintings are mostly of landscapes he’s seen on the road with his motorcycle.

The grandson of one of Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s founders, Davidson joined the company’s styling department in 1963 and he’s now the chief styling officer.

The exhibit starts Friday and will run through April.

In the very personal event: Untold Stories: Wanderings, an evening with Willie G, you’ll get to spend the evening listening to Willie G. describe his experience and passion for art and design.

Willie G. Davidson is primarily known as a designer of iconic motorcycles. Like many artists, he expresses himself in more than one medium. This winter, visitors to the Harley-Davidson Museum will have the unique opportunity to see another expression of Willie G.’s boundless creativity, as we present Watercolors by Willie G. Spend the evening listening to Willie G. describe his experience and passion for art and design.