WhamBAM, Thank You ___________!!! For Your Bike!

Hey Gang 🙂 When the guys at K and G are excited about a new product on our “shelves”, you can bet it’s something outstanding! The name is catchy and the spokes-model is dazzling, on the WhamBAM Professional Detailing Products, but the results you get when using them, are Spectacular!!

Our Operations Manager, Kevin Plummer is really excited about how well the Wham Bam Detailer spray worked on his new Ultra Classic, and we want to let you know that when you’re ready to pull your bike out of the garage for spring, be sure to make your cleaning time, super effective, easy & long-term protected too!

WhamBAM Detail Systems and Products are designed for the non-professional to achieve superior professional results!

WhamBAM can be directly applied to the Dirty surface of your Bike or Car!
This is a two step process:
Step 1 Cleans the surface with ESP cleansing agents that emulsify and encapsulate the surface dirt, bugs, grease,
grime, bird droppings, tree sap, road tar, and lifts the debris for the surface.
Step 2 Protects the surface with a unique blend of polymers that provides a layer of protection that resists scratches, swirls, finger prints and provides a brilliant wet shine on the painted surfaces, chrome, & windshields.
In extreme conditions you can rinse your vehicle off before you apply WhamBAM because water will not diminish its

No Silicones, Teflon, or Petroleum Distillates. Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly.