Who Controls your ride? Stock? Chrome? Black?

As we all know by now, you can’t just change one accessory, especially when it comes to your controls. It really doesn’t make much sense to only change out your hand grips and leave your stock levers or switch housings to bring down the property value. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) believes just like those good ‘ole potato chips, you can’t stop at one accessory. Today we are are going to focus on the controls, more specifically the control levers, switch housings, and the switches themselves.

So you changeChrome Switch Housings 26-0796d the hand grips on your ride, and they look great, but there is something missing… you need to finish the job. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a sweet bike that only has part of the controls customized. It reminds me of a Corvette that has ground effects installed but the were left unpainted.  Switch housings would be the next logical choice when it comes to completing the transformation. For the most part the stock black housings do not compliment new grips very well unless they are black. With that being said, many people upgrade to a Chrome Switch Housing to accent the new grips. A fairly easy install, Switch Housing upgrades go a long way to give you a finished, custom look to your controls that will have you wondering,”Why didn’t I do this before?”.

You aren’t done just yet! Thichrome switxhess next step is one of personal preference – Do I leave the switches black, or do I install chrome switches? My personal feel is to leave them black as it adds a nice bit of contrast to the chrome. It also is easier to read the switches at a glance, in the event you have an Alzheimer’s moment. If you are changing out your switch housings and want to make the move to chrome, there is no better time to do so. A word of warning, the switch replacement can be a tough job, so you should allow ample time to complete this upgrade. Chrome Switches add a sleek look to your handlebar mounted controls, and will leave the others envious.

 Roundinglevers CP Malice out your controlled accessory swap is the levers. The levers will be the cherry on top, but keep in mind there are about as many lever choices as there are small town diners on the list of “Must See” places. Again, the colors most readily available are Black and Chrome, however if you are wanting to go total custom, you should be able to take any lever to a local powder coater and have any color or finish applied. Levers can set the tone for the bike since often the controls are one of the first areas you notice on the bike or don’t notice. Levers can also increase your riding comfort by. There are levers available in reduced pull style, more ergonomically correct designs, as well as what one might refer to as “Self Defense” levers.

 All in all, changing a mere 25% your controls give you an unfinished, hap hazard look when you could be a shining star instead. For ease of transformation, an accessory install should be plotted out, and full advantage taken of your downtime. With new switch housings, levers and switches from K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) upgrading your controls has never been easier.