Will this Tire work on my Ride? Why Not?

big tired bike   All too often we are caught up in the “Bigger is Better” scenario and reach for the sky. This happens when it comes to tires on our two wheeled chariots too. With all the Wide Tire kits out there today, over sized swing arms, and more, it is easy to want to go big or go home. Unless you have made the proper upgrades, increasing the tire size on your ride can lead to issues that may not make themselves apparent at the beginning while others will show their ugly heads right away. Sadly on top of damaging the tire, there are so many other parts that can be damaged. An over sized tire can lead to obviously damage to the tire, but can also wreak havoc on the drive belt or chain, damage the body or structure of the bike, plus it might even compromise the brake lines or electrical wiring.

cartoon tire   When shopping for a replacement tire it is very important to know what the original size for your model was. Just because it “fits” doesn’t mean it is right. In addition to the physical damage that can occur, handling can be compromised, mileage may suffer, speedometer readings can be false, and so much more. If you increase the tire size, but still follow the pressure guidelines for the original tires, you can promote early wear or over inflation concerns. All of which lead right back to potential handling issues. Worst of all, the above circumstances change even more when a passenger is added to the equation.

   Weight variances are another important factor when choosing a replacement tire. If you are going to use your vehicle for tours or trips, it will undoubtedly be loaded with gear and luggage as well as passenger. Placing these demands on incorrect tires can lead to catastrophic failure. this can certainly lead to injury or worse, death. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we want you to have the best experience on two wheels as you possibly can. You should always follow the manufacturers guidelines regarding tire size and pressures, as well as weight capacities for your particular model. If you must increase the size of your rubber, make sure you are using an approved wide tire kit or upgrade system, even then, follow the guidelines and enjoy your new look.