Windshield Pouches offer In Your Face Storage

So often we lack the space on our motorcycles to keep certain items at the ready like a camera, vehicle registration, cell phone, or other small items. Those days are long gone with one of the great windshield pouches from K and G Cycles. We already ride our Cruisers with a windshield in place so why not make it pull double duty for us and host a little bit of storage?

single pouch BBP-Y60-412BK  With a windshield already in front of us, it logically is the perfect place to mount a windshield storage pouch. By adding this to your existing screen, you give yourself the convenience of keeping “important” items within reach. How nice would it be to have all your electronic gadgets stowed in the protected area behind your windshield. Not that we want to see our registration more than once a year, but should the need arise to show it to “The Man with the Badge” it makes it an easy find and proves we are being cooperative. No matter what you ride there is an option for handy, additional storage available for you. You can often find windshield storage pouches in one, two, or three pouch designs, and some even have removable pouches to accommodate for GPS mounts. How’s that for catering to our needs?

Installation is about as straight forward as it could be:

1)Remove the acorn nuts from the cross support

2)Slide the windshield pouch over the studs

3)Reinstall the acorn nuts

See, it’s a pretty simple process that yields tremendous results. Adding storage is as easy as making the purchase. Here at K and G Cycles one of our goals is making the sport of motorcycling easier to enjoy. Windshield storage pouches make that possible by handling your storage and organization needs in an area otherwise deemed useless.