Would You Ride Super Hero Style?

We certainly appreciate the benefits of protective riding gear here at K and G Cycles. In fact, our online superstore is a place to find everything to keep your body safe, from helmets all the way down to boots!

However, if you’re fashion taste in biker gear, leans all the way out of the normal, into the super-heroic, then you’ll have to check into these offerings from Universal Designs Ltd. These “motorcycle riding suits” are one of kind recreations from the latest comic/super-hero movies. Check out this Batman full leather riding suit, compete with gloves, jacket, zip-on pants and boots! The design work is pretty amazing and their website offers more than just Batman styled gear. Iron Man, Tron, Storm Trooper and more are all available. For hardcore fans, but maybe not, hardcore bikers, these suits, are worth checking out!

From the udreplicas.com website:

With its chiseled anatomy, this seemingly basic design is anything but simple. There’s a real sense of symmetry that not only had to be recreated…but respected all throughout the creation of this BATMAN BEGINS™ leather suit.

With great attention to the source material, every effort to maintain and respect the beautifully sculpted armor details as they were seen on screen have now been faithfully replicated down to the smallest and seemingly most insignificant of details. Every angle, bevel, edge…including the layered torso armor details and raised abdomen sections are all faithfully replicated in this officially licensed motorcycle suit. While designed with the rider in mind, make no mistake…yes you can wear this as your every day leather jacket of choice. (or as a set)

Not a motorbike rider? No problem, the internal CE approved body armor is easily removable making this a truly easy and cool looking ‘fashionable’ BATMAN™ leather jacket or full suit. Every element of this replica suit from the jacket, pants, boots and gloves is completely custom made and in no way incorporates anything pre-existing or off the shelf. No detail was left to chance, and nothing was simplified. Every detail from the floating shoulders to the natural curvature of the pectoral armor all feature beveled, curved or raised highlights that further add to it’s screen accurate status.

Universal Designs Ltd. has once more done the impossible with cow hide leather.

This is where it all started.
Now…are you ready to BEGIN?

Fashion, Function….all BATMAN™