Wrap that Big Wheel in a Fender by Ness

This Winter has seen a lot of changes to your bike – New paint, motor upgrades, and a big front wheel. The problem you have found is it seems like no one has a fender that looks right. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has found a supplier you may have heard of before that has a handful of fenders ready to complete your customization. I don’t want you to think this is another Pop Singer bringing out a product they haven’t a clue about. This is exactly the opposite. The Arlen Ness Wrapper (with a “W”) is a slick fender designed for bikes running taller than stock wheels.

One of the pioneers of thwrapper-by-nesse Custom Motorcycle Arena, Arlen Ness is offering this new tire hugging custom fender that, as the name implies, closely wraps the new larger tire and wheel combination on Softtails and Touring bikes. Softtails get a 21″ and a 23″, while Touring bikes have a 23″ and a 26″ version that gives you a clean, custom look. Available in a Carbon Fiber Composite or Fiberglass models that are designed to be a direct bolt-on with no drilling needed, no spacers needed, and does not require any additional body work to prep it.

  • Standard Wrapper Fenders are constructed from high quality fiberglass that are treated over a wide heat range for durability and strength.
  • Standard Wrapper Fenders are ready to scuff and paint.
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Fenders are constructed from a proprietary blend of carbon fiber and composite materials for the best strength to weight ratio available.
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Fenders are ready to clear or paint.
  • Fenders weigh approximately 8 lbs. less than similar steel fenders.

It’s time to finish your project now that you have found a fender that is as killer as the rest of the bike. The Arlen Ness Wrapper from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com). Ready to bring Motorcycle Customization to a whole new level.