You are Unique! HD wants you to show it off!

Harley motorcycle owners, probably aren’t all carrying Iphones and clicking away pics on Instagram, but a new campaign is stretching the idea of the ‘sterotypical’ Harley rider, and is trying to modify that assumption.

On Harley’s Website they’re encouraging individual HD owners and riders to post pictures of their bikes and their unique lifestyle, no matter how anti-stereotypical Harley it is.

A question to the K and G Gang; We’ve always known our customer’s ideas are unique and well… kinduvabigdeal! Do you see more major companies working hard to encourage the connection and stories with individual clients?

Do you someday see a brand like Harley Davidson really listening to the wants and needs of it’s potential and current customers, or is this just decoration on their marketing cake? We’d love to hear your ideas on this!

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