You, Light Up my Life………

mini driving lights Do your travels take you into areas at night where there is not one street light? Do you wish the sides of  the road where  the critters like to hang out were better lighted? With a little help from the good crew at K and G Cycles ( you can shed a new light on nighttime riding when you add auxiliary lighting. Whether you call them “Driving Lamps” “Passing Lamps” or “Spot Lights”, adding them will increase your vision and visibility when the sun goes down.

Depending on the bike you ride and your style preference there are different designs you can uses. Mini’s are just that, at 2 3/8″ they have a smaller housing but pack as much light in a more focused beam. these set-ups also make sense on non-fairing motorcycles or “smaller” bikes that don’t have the room for big light bars and lights. Mini’s have a sleek look that compliments the flowing lines on many of the cruiser bikes on the market today because all the wiring is internally routed for a custom look. Let’s face it, the more light you are putting out, the more you see and the more you are seen, making auxiliary lighting a great safety add-on.

Full size or Classic driving lights are usually 3 1/2″ in diameter and tend to be seen on touring and classic cruiser category bikes. These bigger housing lights are reminiscent of the classic bikes from yesteryear. Available in incandescent, halogen, or L.E.D. light versions these bigger lights almost act as a flood light for the area in fron of the bike. Depending on the type of bulb you purchase, you can expect a range from a wash over the area, to a clean, clear beam accenting the headlight.

Subscribing to the “see and be seen” theory is never a bad choice when selecting accessories  to install on your motorcycle. Take a look at the great selection of auxiliary lighting available at K and G Cycles ( and get ready for the upcoming riding season.