You Now Have A Place for It All

When it comes to storage on motorcycle it doesn’t matter what we ride, there is never enough. Oddly enough one of the big keys to gaining more room is to organize what you have.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through the entire contents of the bag just to find that small item you need only to have it worked itself to the bottom of the bag. Here at K and G Cycles we offer many organization devices to help you get your cargo area under control.

cubby hold  Cubby Hold Trunk Dividers ( Part # BBP-52-690A) fit both older and new GL1800 Goldwing Motorcycles. These clear Cubby Hold Trunk Dividers let you see what you are looking for and easily attach to the side mounting lugs in the trunk with screws provided. These innovative trunk organization tools will not interfere with trunk bags or helmet storage. Allows easy access to important documents, tool pouches, and other important items you needs to get at quickly. Finding storage space that doesn’t take it from somewhere else is a step in the right direction to realizing the real potential of tour packs and saddlebags.

cubby stuff bags  Another great idea when trying to get the most bang for the buck is CUBBY STUFF SACS 3 Piece set – Part # BBP-4-250. These charcoal colored Hopnel Cubby Stuff Sacs are ideal for quick packing of large to small items in saddlebags or trunk. Sacs close securely with drawstring and barrel lock and are made of durable rip-stop polyester so they will not wear or tear easily. Cubby Stuff Sacs come as a set of 3 Sacs. Sac sizes include, one 4.5″ x 8.5″, one 5.5″ x 11.5″ and one 7.75″ x 13.5″. These bags are perfect for stowing rain gear, light jackets, or other gear you may not need all the time but want to keep it at hand and together on your motorcycle.

hopnel-saddlebag-liner1  Still another way to get it all under control is these saddlebag liners by Hopnel (Part # BBP-HSL). A trusted name in The Metric Motorcycle Accessory World, Hopnel Saddlebag Liners are just the right size for any touring motorcycle. Built to last, the liners are designed to make loading and unloading a breeze and are made of sturdy urethane coated weather resistant polyester. The convenient carrying handles make the liners a great choice due to their high level of versatility and user friendliness.They give you usable luggage, while keeping it simple, and adds to the effort to keep you organized.

There is no need to go any longer with your motorcycle unorganized and constantly digging for stuff when your friends at K and G Cycles have everything you need to get it together. Get rid of wasted space, keep things dry and at the ready, and gain more room.