Your Beacon in the Night – L.E.D. Custom Lighting

light podsCustom lighting takes your bike to the next level. Sure you have all the right chrome, sweet sounding pipes, and a killer paint job, but your bike needs something more. Why not add L.E.D. custom lighting from K and G Cycles ( ) Available in a range of complimentary and contrasting colors, and from pods to strips a lot of kits come with everything you need to light up the night. Accent lighting, depending on the color and your location, can be left on while riding, highlighting your work of art as you run down the road.

Light Pods can be positioned to draw attention to specific feature of your bike or simply flood an area reflecting off the chrome or paint giving you never before seen effects. Most pod kits come with up to 6 pods and are often expandable up to 10 or 12. Variable switches are often the norm allowing you to set light intensity, color sweep, and pulse effect. The versatility of these pod kits is sure to have your bike showing it’s true colors and mesmerizing the crowd.

Another type of accent lighting is L.E.D. Strip Lighting, a thin strip of L.E.D. lights capable of being trimmed to various lengths increasing installation options. A distinct advantage to strip lighting over pod lighting is the flexibility of the strip and its ability to cover a greater distance with complimentary lighting. L.E.D. strip lighting brings a true customized look to motorcycles because the strips are thinner and blend in better than their cousin the light pod. One additional feature available from some strip kits is the ability to function as additional running or brake lights.

So when you want to light up the night and show off your ride, or force others to see you, get over to K and G Cycles ( ) and let them help you select everything you need to take your bike from the Mildly Modified Class to The Winner’s Circle.