Your Kind of Reading Material

Are you a motorcycyour kind of reading materiallist? Are you a reader? Are you a motorcyclist that likes to read? K and G Cycles ( is your one stop shop for  your kind of reading material. For many, finding a good book related to the things we’re interested in is often quite a chore. Well look no further, we have a large selection of motorcycle themed books waiting for you. We offer biographical books covering the likes of “Indian Larry” stuntman, sideshow performer, and custom motorcycle builder, also “Terry the Tramp” reputed leader of the “Vagos MC” one of the most notorious motorcycle clubs of all times, and even books about being in the Harley-Davidson family.

In addition there are numerous stories of the racing legends that chronicle their careers such as “Hurricane” Bob Hannah, Valentino Rossi, Sammi Miller, and Joey Dunlop, just to name a few. For those that have an interest in the outlaw biker world, there are a few books covering the lifestyle and exactly what it means being a 1%er. Also we feature many books on the motorcycle adventure. Whether it is preparing yourself for the journey on the open road ( back road or or trail) or enjoying someones documented travels, or even reading about Steve McQueen, there are many motorcycle related books available for your enjoyment.

Below is a list of my top 10 pics available through K and G Cycles ( in no particular order.

10 – Valentino Rossi: Portrait of a Speed God – 4th Edition

9 –Stealing Speed: The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History

8 -Steve McQueen: A Passion for Speed

7 –Short Way Up: A Classic Ride Through Southern Africa – 5,000 Solo Miles on a 1950s Arie

6 –Growing Up Harley-Davidson: Memoirs of a Motorcycle Dynasty

5 –Planet Earth’s Greatest Motorcycle Adventure Tours

4 –One Percenter: The Legend of the Outlaw Biker

3 –Hurricane!: The Bob Hannah Story

2 –The World’s Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes: The Essential Guide to the Greatest Motorcycle Journeys in the World

1 –The Iron Redskin: The History of the Indian Motorcycle

So you see you haven’t been left out, you just have to look in the right place for your kind of reading material. Whether it’s for you or it will be a gift, K and G Cycles (  has all your literary needs.