You’ve increased your Performance, Increase your Wattage!

   Over time, you’ve modified your bike and added accessories that make it faster and better looking. Have you ever said to yourself, “It sure would be nice if I had some tunes on my bike.”? Those days of having to sing to yourself are long gone. It’s time you added an accessory to your bike designed for you.  While most handlebar mount audio systems are struggling to churn out 50 watts, Cycle Sounds engineers have upped the ante’ and bring you a 100 Watt system. Available from K and G Cycles ( this higher wattage set up is sure to knock your socks off, or at the very least provide you with clear, clean audio at highway speeds.

   Part # 0903100w handlebar system 090300 is the Universal Fit Premium Sound System from Cycle Sounds intended for motorcycles that don’t have a factory unit. At the heart of this system slathered in Chrome is a 100W amplifier capable of powering the 3″ Premium Speaker System with ease. What this means for you is a loud and clean handlebar mounted audio system that will have you rocking down the highway. The 3″ speaker drivers deliver exceptional response and dynamic range in an attractive bullet design housing. After a straight forward, simple installation, all you have to do is connect the standard 3.5mm jack to your favorite music player (MP3 Player, Phone, Satellite Radio source and more)and take your tunes along for the ride. The 3″ Speakers come with secure mount clamps that keep the speakers where you want them as well as reduce vibration. In addition, this allows angling of the speakers without the need for additional adapters. For your peace of mind, all Cycle Sounds products are designed and engineered in the U.S.A. for all-weather stability and vibration resistance to ensure maximum performance in real world conditions.

   When you want to add quality sounds to your bike, but have limits on space, consider a Cycle Sounds 3″ Premium Sound System. Rated at double the power of its nearest competitor, it is evident these guys have done their homework and are set on bringing you the best in rolling sound. Contact your Sales Rep at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles,com) and have yours delivered in time to beat the preseason rush.