Z-CALZ! Got a Toolbox? You’ll Love These!

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George found these on line and immediately found a way to bring them to the K and G family.  Micheal Castiglione the designer of the New Dodge Challenger, is the designer of this amazing product.  In his frustration in searching for my tools, he designed an awesome new product to help you “FIND YOUR TOOLS FAST!” We are all  tired of shuffling through three drawers or more to find tools and then the same thing to put them back again so Z-CALZ comes to the rescue.  Tool Box Decals to FIND YOUR TOOLS FAST!  K and G has a wide variety of colors for Z-CALZ — enough to complement any color tool box.

They are great for Race Teams, Restoration Shops, The Hot Rodder or the Do It Yourselfer.  Z-CALZ make it easy for the “Mystery Mechanic” helping you to FIND YOUR TOOLS FAST!

K and G Cycles is the first motorcycle parts and accessories store in the world to carry Z-Calz!

Through detailed research we’ve comprised 70 labels of the most commonly used tools for your top and bottom boxes. The Standard Kit includes 27 small drawer and 43 large drawer labels. It is offered in magnets or decals and in 4 different colors.

The Standard Kit ,a 70 piece kit, includes:
* 27 Small Drawer: Standard & Metric Wrenches, Standard & Metric Ratchets, Light Bulb, Micrometer, Tape Measure, Phillips Screwdriver, Standard Screw Driver, Torx Driver, Flash Light, File, Razor Knife, Staple Gun, Wire Stripper/Crimper, Drill Bits, Allen Wrench, Putty Knife, Crescent Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Pliers, Vise Grips, Needle Nose Pliers, Channel Lock Pliers, Tin Snips

* 43 Large Drawer: Standard & Metric Wrenches, Crescent Wrench, Grinder or DA Sander, Hammer, Rubber Mallet, Bal Pin Hammer, Air Ratchet, Phillips Screwdriver, Standard Screw Driver, Torx Driver, Air Impact, Safety Glasses, Hack Saw, File, Putty Knife, Level, Screw Gun, Clamp, Flash Light, Tin Snips, Vise Grips, Wire Stripper/Crimper, Tape Measure, Torque Wrench, Allen Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Channel Lock Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Skill Saw, Pliers, Staple Gun, Drill Bits, Jig Saw, Standard & Metric Ratchets, Razor Knife, Saws All, No LENDING

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