Here’s your Biker Sign!

   Since the dawn of time, man has marked his territory in one way or another with some sort of sign. It should be no surprise that continues today. Whether we use a fence, some trees, or any other means of defining boundaries, it gives one a sign of what to expect. Here at K and G cycles ( we believe you should have every right to express your feelings, opinions, and property rules. That is why we have decided to offer Biker themed Metal signs. Some of them are funny, others stress a point, while others will make the uninvited think twice about their actions.

   For those visitinyou-might-be-a-biker-if-signg for the first time and wondering where they should park, one sign will clearly tell where not to. “Motorcycle Parking Only – All Others Will Be Towed Away”

   Another sign will give you a brief history lesson and show you how we got here. The “Evolution of The Biker” Showing we are in fact family.

   Still another sign takes its cue from that famous Redneck Stand Up Comedian and lets you know in 7 very clear notions “You Might Be A Biker If …” Now, I can only lay claim to 4 1/2 of these, but I know without a doubt there are many among us that can claim all 7 and probably add 3 more to give the sign a total of 10 musings.

   These signs are sure to put a smile on any Bikers face no matter if they given one as a gift, buy it for themselves, or even see it hanging on your wall. K and G Cycles ( is your trusted source for the best selection of Metal Biker Signs. Contact us today for all your motorcycling needs. From Oils to Engines and Tires to Tunes as well as everything front to rear. If we don’t have it, they don’t make it.