Keep it Covered for Pete’s Sake!

There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning your bike only to have it used as target practice by those little Feathered F&*#@^S, or to find out after Fluffy was in the litter box, she decided to check out the view from the tank. You owe it to yourself and your bike to keep it covered when not in use so these unfortunate accidents don’t happen to you.  But accidents can be ineluctable in one’s vehicular life, and so, I’d deemed to stay safe by keeping myself updated on What should I do after an accident.

K and G Cycles ( has the right cover for you, whatever your needs.

To begin with, we’ll start wchopper coverith the cover that is employed when our bikes are at rest, securely at home. A full body cover – available in a wide range of designs and fitments, these covers fit head to toe and give the most protection available. Almost all of the full body covers features locking grommets for added security and a shock cord hem to keep everything in place. The similarities usually end there, the material used for the outer shell can range from soft cotton to water repellant polyester with a soft cotton/flannel lining. Some covers have heat resistant material sewn into the liners allowing you to install the cover immediately after riding, making them the ideal travel cover. If your cover does not have the heat shield panels you MUST wait for the bike to cool down before installation, otherwise you will have quite the mess to contend with and potentially have to replace some damaged parts.

cycle shadesFor those seeking temporary shelter while on the road, Half Covers will do the trick, keeping the elements and surprises off your bike. These covers are usually small and lightweight so packing one along is little effort. Mainly covering the fuel tank/dash area back to the rear of the bike, bonus features include keeping the heat off the seat and tank, making for a cooler and dryer bike when you are ready to leave. In addition, when a half cover is installed you have an out of sight out of the elements cubby to store riding gear keeping them cooler too. One company, Cycle Shades, offers a cover for just about every motorcycle out there, whether you have a full fairing touring bike, a Sportster, and everything in between. Simple on, simple off installation keeps things easy and keeps those pesky onlookers from seeing how it feels. Half covers offer you peace of mind as well as protection from air born hazards and weather conditions we are not fond of.

K and G Cycles ( believes every bike should have protection whether it is parked in the garage to keep Fluffy and the kids off, or to keep Mother Nature from reeking havoc on your day, that is why every bike should have a cover. Get yours today and see how easy it is to protect your investment.