Jodi’s Bio

We love to introduce all the members on the K and G Cycles team! Now that we have completed our move to South Florida, we have begun growing again. We are proud to introduce to you our newest team member, Jodi Lovejoy.

Name: Jodi Lovejoy

What positions do you play on the K and G team? I am a Product Specialist. It is my job to prepare new product information for inclusion in our shopping cart and to get the information, photos, etc. to the correct sub-categories so our customers can easily find what they are looking for. My work entails a ton of Excel spreadsheet time and a ton of time working on the back side of the K and G Cycles shopping cart. I guess you could say I am banished forever to the cyberspace backroom and warehouse!

Where are you from? I am definitely a Florida girl. I was born near Tampa, FL and raised in Melbourne. My dad worked in the aerospace industry and was a member of the team that designed communication system for the Apollo program. That means my dad was partly responsible for getting them where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there and making sure they were able to speak to mission control. Pretty cool, I think!

Anyway, I met my husband, Rob, and we moved to Bloomington, IN where we started our family. Our son, Clay, is off to diesel mechanic school so we decided it was time to head back to Florida. My husband is from Ft Myers on one side of the state and I am from Melbourne on the other side. It was George who gave us the idea of “splitting the difference” by moving to Miami. So, here we are right on the tip.

Tell us more about your family. My husband is an amateur bodybuilder and a personal trainer. As I said, our son is at diesel mechanic’s school near Indianapolis. At age 8, he started wrenching on a Yamaha 125.

We have been motorcycle owners on and off for many years. Our first bike was a Yamaha YZ250 that we actually purchased from Team Yamaha. We nicknamed it
“The Beast”. It was definitely a powerful bike. I was afraid to ride it alone and almost fell off in the middle of a wheelie. Today, I am quite happy to enjoy admiring motorcycles more than riding them since the very first motorcycle I ever rode at age 15, I wrecked. The choice was either run it into a pond or run it into a plow. I chose the plow.

Favorite quote: Man plans, God laughs.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life? I’m very happy to say that I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary! Our kid is starting his life on his own and I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I am exactly where I want to be even though it took a long time to get here. Life is good.

What is your favorite place in the entire world? That’s easy – on a cruise ship anywhere in the Caribbean. So far, my favorite island is St. Maarten, the French side. The Dutch are very accommodating but the French didn’t seem to have a word that translated to “no”. We had an incredibly wonderful time there.

What is your favorite thing about K and G Cycles? Kyle and George are amazing! Such fantastic people to work with and great a vision for the company that just pulls you in and gets you excited. 
You give it your best every day and are rewarded with great teammates and a commitment to a common goal.