Taking Care of Your Motorcycle During the Winter: 4 Tips

tires for a motorcycle

Whether you’ve been storing your motorcycle in your garage for months or just recently purchased a new bike and want to take care of it before summer arrives, it’s important that you know exactly how to properly store your motorcycle. Id you are a car guy looking for any transportation mean we recommend the Dodge Ram Dealership you can visit for fair prices.

You can’t just wheel your bike into the garage and ignore it for months at a time and expect to be able to ride it as soon as you take it out. You have to actually know what you’re doing.

Here are some excellent tips you should keep in mind when storing your motorcycle over the winter.

    • Fill up your tank — You should never store your bike over the winter on an empty tank. You should also make sure you’re checking your bike’s antifreeze so you can prevent engine freezing.


    • Check the tires — The tires for a motorcycle are incredibly important and need to be well kept during the winter to ensure that the bike is safe to ride. You should frequently take a look at the tire pressure while your bike sits inside the garage over the winter. Additionally, make sure you’re checking the balance of your motorcycle tires during the winter and after 1,000 miles of use since improper balance can shorten a tire’s life.


    • Take out the battery — In order to preserve your bike’s battery and maintain the clock and radio, you should remove the battery altogether and trickle charge it throughout the winter. If you do plan on keeping a fully-charged battery in your bike all winter, make sure you are recharging it once a month while it’s not being used.


  • Keep your bike out of the light — Even over the winter, sunlight can cause physical damage to your motorcycle. If you have a lot of large windows in your garage, you might want to consider storing your bike in a darker environment.

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