Spark Plugs,Accel #2401 Big Twin 1948-1974 Cold Plug, 32301-60


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Spark Plugs,Accel #2401 Big Twin 1948/1974-Cold Plug Replaces Hd 32301-60..Hd #3-4
The best plug money can buy. Manufactured for your motorcycle exclusively by the most innovative spark plug manufacturer in the world and warranted by Accel. Blister packs of 2 are packaged. Boxes of 10 are individually packaged in protective boxes and the boxes of 24 are not individually packaged.

eatures of Spark Plugs:
  • U-Groove Ground Electrode: Unique U-Groove develops a larger spark for more complete combustion
  • Insulator and ive-Rib Construction: Insulator made of highly purified alumina powder superior in strength and thermal conductivity
  • Copper Glass Seal: Glass and copper bond the center electrode to the insulator to ensure a gas-tight seal
  • Electric Heat Seal: Ensures a stable heat range
  • Copper Core Center Electrode: Copper Core Center Electrode: Copper surrounded by nickel-chrome for superior conductivity
  • Machine Rolled Threads: or trouble-free spark plug installation and removal
Blister Pack of 2 (MG# 2401)
Fits all Big Twin Cold Plug 1948/1974
Replaces HD Code # 3-4
MG# 137 (Each)
Replaces HD# 32301-60
.025 Gap, (Imported)
Spark Plugs,Accel #2401 Big Twin 1948-1974 Cold Plug, 32301-60 Harley Mid-USA - K and G Cycles