DUNLOP TIRE MX12 110/100 18-64M


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DUNLOP TIRE MX12 110/100 18-64M
  • M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph
  • Tread pattern includes Dunlop's exclusive block-within-a-block Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT) in the rear for enhanced cornering traction and slide control
  • Narrower tire profiles increase length of contact patch for improved bump absorption, and improved steering in rutted conditions
  • Recessed flex joints between tread blocks improve compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort
  • Tube type (TT)
  • Innovative tread pattern includes new V-Block technology that increases traction, and does a better job clearing the tire in muddy conditions to maintain maximum performance
DUNLOP TIRE MX12 110/100 18-64M Tires and Tubes Dunlop - K and G Cycles