PC RACING Underware Original Glove Liners


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PC RACING Underware Original Glove Liners
  • Designed to be worn inside riders' normal off-road/MX gloves and snugly adhere to hands
  • Liners take the beating that palms and lower fingers usually endure from the inside of the riding gloves
  • The Kevlar fibers of the UnderWARE liners absorb the friction between glove and hand that would otherwise cause blisters, including the chafing and rubbing that hands normally endure while riding through the whoops or trails
  • Almost no chance for blisters and the Dupont Kevlar material is machine washable right along with all the rest of the riding gear for easy maintenance
  • Original style features full fingers, and Qualifier style features open fingers; both are great for off-road
  • Ultra style features waterproof Kevlar material and is recommended for wet conditions or in hot weather where hands are moist from perspiration; material will not absorb moisture
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