Dynamometer Performance Tuning

K and G Cycles Dyno Tuning Facility
K and G Cycles Dyno Tuning Facility


Welcome to K and G Cycles' New State-of-the-Art Dynojet 250ix Dynamometer Motorcycle Tuning Facility!

Our new South Florida Dynojet 2501x Dynamometer motorcycle tuning facility is open and ready to serve you. Our state-of-the-art 250ix Dynojet dynamometer and our Dynojet certified and trained tuning professionals can properly tune your motorcycle and breathe life into your power and torque. Whether for Race or Street, K and G Cycles can tune your motorcycle to achieve that one-to-one relationship between your right wrist and your rear tire! We will tune any two or three wheeled motorcycle of any configuration whether carbureted or fuel injected. K and G Cycles is a certified Dynojet, Power Vision, and Power Commander Tuning Center and Authorized Dealer. We also carry the complete line of performance parts from manufacturers like Vance & Hines, Cobra and many more aftermarket performance fuel management and exhaust manufacturers. We tune your motorcycle using actual road and running conditions to create fuel injection maps in real time as your bike is being run and put under load. The result is a bike that runs at its peak for the options you have installed and your air fuel ratio will be as close to optimal as it can be for the components you have chosen.

Dyno Tuning - Feel the Difference

K and G Cycles' Dynojet 250ix dynamometer does so much more than just give you and ego rub and tell horsepower and torque. We can look into your motorcycle and see things like fuel mixture, cam timing, clutch slippage, how loose or tight your drive chain is and whether or not it needs to be replaced, how your sprockets are holding up, whether your cush drive is worn, if your fuel needle needs to be adjusted, if your bike needs a tune-up, a valve adjustment, even if your speedo or your tach are calibrated properly. K and G Cycles will you with the ultimate in power, performance and service.

When you purchase a new motorcycle, your engine’s computer is already tuned to work with the components that came with it. But when you modify or change those factory parts, your engine is no longer optimized; the computer map is no longer calibrated to the component(s) on your bike, and you need a new map. This is what dyno testing is all about. If your motorcycle has a new exhaust system, high-performance air filter, or other more exotic engine modifications, you will greatly benefit from having fuel delivery and ignition timing that matches the engine’s new characteristics.

K and G Cycles employs the most cutting-edge technology available to do just that. By measuring torque, horsepower, engine RPM and the air/fuel ratio for your motorcycle, our Dynojet certified technicians create custom air/fuel and ignition maps that will match your motorcycle’s engine configuration.

While many aftermarket electronic fuel injection (EFI) controllers come with a “base” fuel map for your year, make and model of bike, no two engines are alike, and power tuning with the engine under load on a dynamometer is the only way to ensure optimum performance. Dyno tuning your motorcycle will offer smoother running, better roll-on acceleration, more power and additional fuel efficiency. K and G Cycles specializes in tuning and modifying Dynojet’s Power Commander (all models) and Dynojet Power Vision for Harley-Davidson.

All this is only the beginning.

A full dyno tuning session from one of our Dynojet certified technicians can show you different scenarios of what your bike would be like with different bolt-on accessories like exhaust fuel management systems or jet kit, different cams, a sprocket change, or cam timing setting, etc.  We will show you exactly what you are going to get for your money. You can be confident that you not only get what you want but that the job was done right.

Dynamometer tuning has also made a huge impact on the racing industry. Most racing teams use a dynamometer to tune their bikes. It has become the industry standard and a motorcycle shop without one simply cannot provide the state-of-the-art technology and service that you deserve.We are all about getting your motorcycle in peak running condition and our dyno room is just one of a myriad of tools available to you at K and G Cycles to get the job done - and done right!

Common Questions About Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Exactly what is a dyno tune?
Simply put, a dyno tune is making adjustments to your bikes ignition, fuel and air supply, to achieve the most possible horse power and torque, while maintaining optimal air fuel ratio. To do this, our technicians use our state of the art Dynojet dynamometer and their knowledge to get the best possible performance out of your motorcycle.. 

What is horsepower and torque and air-fuel ratio?
Horsepower is top speed and torque is the physical force that gets us there. Air fuel ratio is how much air and fuel are mixing and entering the combustion chamber. This is how rich or lean the motor is running. Either end of the scale will cost you power, torque, economy, and efficiency. If you get the balance too far out on the lean side, damage can be done to the motor. If you get unbalanced to the rich side, you can foul spark plugs, dilute your oil with gasoline, and generally cause a noticeable reduction in performance. We have seen brand new motorcycles from the factory that are tuned so lean that they are better referred to as a space heater waiting to explodae.

All motors produced today that are in legal production have to meet Federal EPA requirements and are generally on the lean side of the scale. Changing exhaust systems, mufflers, air filters, carburetors, and sometimes even spark plugs affects the way a motor performs. While making these changes may seem like the thing to do, one can end up with problems if these are not done properly and the motorcycle does not get tuned to efficiently use them.

How do I know if I need a dyno tune?
For the most part, any motor that has had changes made to the air filter system, muffler and/or exhaust headers most likely will need to be tuned for the components added or changed. It makes no difference if your bike is normally aspirated or injected. Both can be dyno tuned and both will see noticable improvements in performance.