BRAKING Caliper Bracket, Honda 2015


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BRAKING Caliper Bracket, specific application
  • 270mm oversize floating rotors constructed of the highest-quality stainless steel
  • Distinguishable by the black painted grooves on the external braking track that resemble "bat wings", hence the name
  • Represents a great evolution in heat dissipation as it has less external perimeter and an area not covered by the pad - when the internal pad touches the disc the external does not and vice versa, allowing heat to dissipate from each side
  • Most resistant to higher temperatures and much more aggressive in braking due to the better contact between the disc and pad
  • Lightweight
  • Better handling of the bike and progression in brake feeling compared to any other disc
  • Brackets (sold separately) are precision CNC-machined from 7075 billet aluminum
  • Braking recommends use of sintered brake pads with the Batfly disc
  • Sold each
  • Oversized rotor ensures more leverage, therefore more power and feel, with less effort
  • Rotors float to expand and contract as they heat up without warping
  • Provide maximum stopping power while remaining perfectly flat
  • Design is covered by an international license
  • Bracket is precision CNC-machined from 7075 billet aluminum (sold separately or as part of a kit that includes top-quality Braking pads)
  • Sold each
  • WL series rotors features an Open Pin design that allows the rotor to expand freely under high heat conditions and maintain high brake performance
  • Braking oversized front rotors provide substantial increase in stopping power with improved brake feeling and modulation for the best overall performance
  • Oversized front rotors allow for you to brake later into corners, dramatically lowering lap times
  • Braking profile utilizes edges that constantly clean the pads surface, renewing it and giving the best pad-rotor contact at all times in all conditions

NOTE: Must use the correct caliper relocation bracket to fit any oversize rotor.



NOTE: Must use the correct caliper relocation bracket to fit any oversize rotor.

BRAKING Caliper Bracket, Honda 2015 Metric Braking - K and G Cycles