COBRA FI2000R C90, Pre-programmed, Fuel Processor, Suzuki 05-09


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COBRA FI2000R C90, made in the usa, Pre-programmed, Fuel Processor
  • Can be used with any exhaust system on the market today
  • Three easily identifiable lights: green - Fi2000R is adding more fuel to the air/fuel ratio approximately 14:1; green and yellow lights - these lights will be on in unison when throttle is open more quickly and air/fuel mixture is approximately 12.5:1; red - light comes on and stays on as long as the Fi2000R follows the fuel curve while adjusting to approximately 12.8:1 air/fuel ratio, which is where the engine will produce its best full-throttle power
  • Corrects lean air/fuel mixture problems; eliminates overheating, backfiring on deceleration, hesitation on acceleration or an uneven cruising rpm

MANUFACTURER'S NOTE: Standard models not legal for operation on public highways in California.


COBRA FI2000R C90, Pre-programmed, Fuel Processor, Suzuki 05-09 Metric Cobra - K and G Cycles