eCaddy SLIDE, Medium, Mirror Stem (Black)


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eCaddy SLIDE, Medium, Mirror Stem (Black)
You really can't find another phone mount with this much flexibility AND classic good looks! The SLIDE Phone Mount was designed to accommodate all kinds of phones both with and without cases/covers on them. The side arms "slide" along the base bar to wherever you need them, then lock in place. Two pair of side arms are included (1/2 and depth). Ultra-Swivel feature gives you additional left/right or up/down angle-ability. Fits min 2-3/8" / max 3-5/8". All parts are MADE IN THE USA of aluminum, stainless steel and delrin. Includes: mounting bracket w/hardware; Ultra-Swivel; 2 pair side arms; and base bar.Fits round bars from 3/8 to 1/2 inch.
eCaddy SLIDE, Medium, Mirror Stem (Black) Harley Leader Motorcycle Accessories - K and G Cycles