Piston Rings,Hastings +.040"Os BT 1340Cc "D" 3.498"Std Bore No Hd Part # Mfg 6127-04


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Piston Rings,Hastings +.040"Os Bt 1340Cc "D" 3.498"Std Bore No Hd Part # Mfg 6127-04
  • Hastings has been producing top quality rings since 1923 for major manufacturers including Harley-Davidson®
  • Ring sets are available with your choice of moly top rings or cast top rings
  • The moly type top ring features a moly coating on the ring face that helps reduce friction while extending the working lifespan of the ring. Longer break-in time is required for this type of ring and it is best suited for cylinders with a fresh bore
  • The cast type top ring requires less break-in time and is best suited for cylinders that have been freshly deglazed
  • All middle rings are the cast type with a reverse torsional style and a taper face for excellent compression retention while providing additional oil control
  • The 3 piece lex-Vent® bottom rings feature lightweight chrome plated rails with separatorring that provides exact cylinder wall tension and oil control
  • Hastings is a QS-9000 certified company that provides the utmost in quality control with product that can be traced all the way back to the foundry where the raw metal was produced to the finished part
  • Includes installation instructions
  • Sold in sets for 2 pistons
Ring Type & Width
Ring Type
Moly Top Ring
Cast Top Ring
Cast Middle Ring
Chrome Bottom Ring
A 1/16 --- 1/16 3/16
D --- 1/16 1/16 3/16
E 1.5mm --- 1.5mm 1.75mm
--- 1/16 1/16 5/32
G 1/16 --- 1/16 5/32
H 1.5mm --- 1.5mm 3mm
I 1.5mm --- 1.5mm 2.5mm

Piston Rings,Hastings +.040"Os BT 1340Cc "D" 3.498"Std Bore No Hd Part # Mfg 6127-04 Harley Mid-USA - K and G Cycles