Replica Battery 6 Volt with Small Terminal


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All black Battery is 6 volt 24 amp from V-Twin tooling! Has a small terminal and is dry charged. This battery features original style vented plug with no vent tube! Best 6V battery available! Manufactured with new molds and tooling by V-Twin Mfg. Battery is molded PVC and features black top with three vented style black plugs which are exact Replicas of originals. Battery requires filling with electrolyte which is available at most auto parts stores. This battery is vented thru the 3-caps no vent tube necessary and will fit the Harley 45 solo battery box without modification
53-0837" Black steel battery box is used to install sealed mini 6 or 12 volt batteries. For kickstart applications only. Installer must connect battery terminals to system. *NOTE: Must order top separately. 1929-1952 WL 1929-1930 J 1930-1934 VL 1936-1940 EL 1941-1964 FL 1938-1948 UL

Replica Battery 6 Volt with Small Terminal Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles