Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner in One


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Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner in One
Royal Blue Wax is a one step process with professional high gloss results. Simply wipe it on, and at the same time, wipe off years of oxidation and discoloration, leaving behind a protective wax coating that lasts six months per application. With no clay fillers, you never have to worry about scrubbing for hours to remove the wax. Either wet n hazy or dry, its easy on and easy off One Step!

Royal Blue motorcycle polish and cleaner is also non-abrasive and formulated for clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and even safe on dealer-added coatings.

Product Description :
Ultra High Gloss
Eliminates Water Spots
Removes Swirl Marks
One Step Application
Cleans, Shines, Protects
Last 6 Months!
Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner in One Garage and Shop Royal Blue - K and G Cycles