SBS STREET EXCEL Sintered Metal Front Brake Pad


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SBS STREET EXCEL Sintered Metal Front Brake Pad
  • SBS brake pads feature asbestos-free brakes using patented Unified Composite Technology (UCT)
  • UCT technology completely blends all brake pad materials into a balanced, unified pad
  • This balance ensures no hot spots, glazing, premature fading or excessive rotor wear
  • The result is powerful, fade-free braking performance, even in extreme conditions
  • Designed for flawless performance on all street bikes NOT factory-equipped with sintered metal pads
  • Provide strong stopping power no matter what the conditions
  • Street Ceramic pads can replace sintered pads; however, STREET EXCEL sintered pads are recommended for those applications
  • The best in sintered replacement pads for high-performance front (HS) and rear (LS) street applications
  • Use advanced sintering process technology; perfect for sport riding
  • The highest coefficient of friction in the lineup to provide maximum stopping power
  • Formulation also offers high fade-resistance and quick cool-down under severe braking
  • When you need to replace your worn sintered metal pads, choose STREET EXCEL; the sinter compounds with the power to stop you
SBS STREET EXCEL Sintered Metal Front Brake Pad Metric SBS - K and G Cycles