WISECO PISTON Piston, Kawasaki 72-92


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WISECO PISTON Piston, made in the usa, specific application, Replacement
  • All Wiseco pistons are forged from aerospace aluminum alloys on Wiseco's state-of-the-art forging presses
  • Built on a legacy of championships for over 60 years by American craftsmen
  • Wiseco pistons have the latest dyno-tested technology to out-perform the competition
  • Wiseco forged pistons are priced with rings and circlips
  • Wiseco rings, clips and wrist pins only fit Wiseco pistons; also note that ring types do not interchange (i.e. CD is not interchangeable with TD)
  • See replacement rings, wrist pins, and circlip pricing on page??????

WARNING: Wiseco pistons can be fitted only with Wiseco rings.

WISECO PISTON Piston, Kawasaki 72-92 Metric Wiseco Piston - K and G Cycles